What is the best standard size for a heat press?

The best optimum size of heat press is said to be 16 inch X 24 inch. This fits most of the apparel sizes for DTF and Sublimations printing processes. Plus it also helps in processing smaller sizes as well.

Why should i buy Heat Press from Dodiasons?

Our Heat Press are made in india, and made with the goal of low future maintainence.

Our machines comes with the following features:

  • Parts availability 365 Days as our machines are made in india.
  • Friendly and approachable after sales service.
How do i keep my heatpress machine in good condition?

Dont over stress the machine structure or its electronics  |  Dont install the machine in a extra humid environment  |  Dont place extra heighted products in the press and try to press it.

How is our Heat Press Machine Different from chinese alternatives?

 Our machines are aimed at reducing the chinese import dependencies and towards lower future maintainence cost.

Will i get all the spare parts for machines all year long?

YES! Since we are the manufacture of our machines, and all our machines are made in india, you will get all the spare parts available all round the year.

Does Dodiasons delivery the machine all over india?

Yes we dilver all over india, with our seamless delivery ecosystem.

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